Teaching you how to use technology to enter the workplace prepared and providing Virtual Assistant training!

Workplace Readiness Training Program

Our course prepares individuals to enter the work place and to become a certified virtual assistant. Individuals successfully completing our program will have the tools and knowledge to start their own business and/or work for businesses of all sizes. Individuals taking our course will gain a strong knowledge of workplace etiquette, customer service, basic computer skills, business writing, content writing, use of business support tools, meeting remote support tools, and a wide variety of Microsoft and Adobe software programs. Learn more about workplace readiness

Virtual Assistant Training Program

Our program teaches individuals to use effective technical tools to ensure that they are able to provide remote support and administrative c-level management support. Learn more about the Virtual Assistant training program.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

  • A Virtual Assistant is there when you need them:
    • A virtual assistant is not an employee
    • A virtual assistant can work a minimum of 2 hours
    • Virtual Assistant (VA) is defined as a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services
    • A virtual office is a mobile or remote work-environment equipped with telecommunication links and basic office furniture, but without a fixed office space

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